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private Jewish Education

Why go to Hebrew School
when DUGMAH can come to you? 

DUGMAH provides well-rounded Jewish Education to children K-12 and adults.

Our unique approach incorporates a custom-tailored curriculum that embraces the religious practice and traditions of your specific family while embracing the individual learning style and interests of each student. ​

We understand the time constraints, daily pressures and academic realities related to educating ourselves and our children in New York City. As a result, DUGMAH focuses on informal, fun and engaging education techniques to embrace critical thinking and problem solving while developing and enhancing Jewish identities. 

DUGMAH teaches one-on-one lessons as well as small groups of siblings and/or family friends. All sessions are offered in-home or virtually based on your preference. 

Topics of study include
  • Holidays

  • History

  • Traditions

  • Rituals

  • Culture

  • Yiddishkeit

  • Tikkun Olam  (repairing the world)

  • Jewish Historical Figures and Heroes

  • Ethics

  • Prayers

  • Jewish vocabulary

  • Hebrew (reading, writing, speaking) 

  • Israel (Ancient & Modern)

  • Tzedakah (charity)

  • Bible Stories

  • Shabbat

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