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Our Philosophy

At DUGMAH, our first priority is to create a relationship and bond between teacher, student, and family. This enables parents to trust us with their children; and, the children can then develop a love of learning, willingness to take risks, and ability to step out their comfort zone, exploring and developing their connection to being Jewish.​​

DUGMAH students benefit from having an independent mentor
to assist them in both their Jewish journey and in building confidence, self-esteem and a Jewishly informed moral code.

In a relaxed, interactive atmosphere, we create an environment
that is informal, fun and ed
ucational, while also providing
emotional support as needed during their journey.

We understand the time constraints, daily pressures and academic realities related to life in New York City. As a result, beyond delivering Jewish content and context, we challenge our learners to embrace
critical thinking and problem solving while developing and
enhancing their Jewish identity.
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