Embracing the core values of Judaism:

Family, Community, Heritage, Israel, Education, and Compassion


The Hebrew word “dugmah” (דוגמא – pronounced: doog·mah) means example, and refers

to the idea of being a role model; someone who not only “talks the talk” but “walks the talk.” 

Our intimate learning programs are led by exceptional educators,

offering a range of immersive educational opportunities:

Life Long Jewish Learning

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Journey – planning, learning and engaging

Travel – Israel celebrations, vacations, learning expeditions

Life Events – Marriage, Bris, Conversion

"Dugmah gave our son the freedom to chant and read with confidence."

-Danielle Strauss

"With Dugmah, this was no longer a process but a deeply fulfilling journey"

-Susan & Michael Katzke

"Dugmah re-engaged our daughter in her Hebrew learning."

-Maryll Spahn